Welcome to Texas Association Watershed Sponsors (TAWS)


TAWS is a non profit organization whose members are Sponsors of PL-534, Pilot, or PL-566 watershed projects (NRCS) within the state of Texas. The Sponsors consist of local units of government such as Soil and Water Conservation Districts, counties, cities, water control and improvement districts, watershed authorities, and other special purpose districts. Others who have an interest in the Small Watershed Program may be non-voting  associate members.


  1. Strive to secure adequate State and Federal funding for PL-534, Pilot and PL-566 Small Watershed Program.
  2. Foster communication between and among its members.
  3. Disseminate information to legislative, governmental, public, and private groups to further the efforts of the Small Watershed Program and its associated benefits.
  4. Expand its focus to other programs and regulatory or legislative initiatives which have an impact on Small Watershed Program.

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